• Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are necessary in order to persevere our Democratic Republic. We must end the political censorship by the Radicle left and their cronies of big Tech.

Government Spending

  • We must balance and regulate the Federal budget spending.


  • Our Police and first responders should be supported and well funded.
  • Prosecutors should prosecute violent offenders


  • I am a conservative. We need clean, safe water and air for our families and our future generations to come. I believe we should preserve our natural wildlife ares. We need to balance that with our need to use the natural resources with which we are blessed. While I support the use of cleaner, safer, and substantial energy source, we need to make them efficient, affordable and accessible.

First Amendment 

  • Defend our Liberty under the First Amendment. The First Amendment was FIRST for the very reason of protecting our liberties. Without the freedom to exercise religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the freedom to peacefully assemble, and the freedom to petition the Government for redress of grievances, our Democratic Republic and our library is doomed.

Second Amendment 

  • We have a right to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our nation. The Second Amendment, our right to bear arms, protects those very right.


  • Secure the boarder from “illegal” immigrants.
  • We should have reasonable “legal” immigration protocol and methods.
  • Support and fund the ICE


  • The U.S needs to be energy independent again!
  • We should reduce the Gas Tax.

Medical Freedoms

  • Medical treatment choices are between a patient and their Doctors.
  • NO medical mandates.
  • NO vaccine mandates.
  • NO vaccine cards/passports.
  • NO mandatory lockdowns.
  • Masks should be permitted, but not mandated.
  • Our focus should be on therapeutic treatment options.
  • COVID vaccines DID NOT work as promised.
  • COVID vaccines DID NOT stop infections or transmission.
  • Our  Government should further investigate the source of the COVID pandemic, both in China and the involvement of U.S Government officials (including DR. Fauci)