Meet Lorie

Lorie R. Friend was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland to her father, Ray A. Teets Jr., and her mother, Eleanor Teets. She is the youngest of three siblings and still has family in Baltimore today.


Lorie’s parents raised her with a strong work ethic and traditional values; family first, but most importantly, Godly faith.


While in Baltimore her father owned and operated his own business, Charlesmont Beauty Salon.  Her mother was a traditional stay-at-home mom until Lorie was old enough for her to work part-time as a teachers aide.


Her extended family of grandparents and uncles also had interest in Baltimore and the community and owned numerous local businesses. Her paternal grandparents were small business owners that operated a local car wash and a mobile cafe. Her grandfather, Ray A. Teets Sr., was well-known throughout the community and took part in many charitable organizations. Lorie’s maternal grandparents were active duty members in the US military with her grandfather serving during World War II.


A family vacation to Western Maryland brought permanent residence for Lorie and her parents. Taking in the natural beauty of the mountains, her parents wanted their children to experience a small-town, rural lifestyle. With these reasons in mind, they settled in Oakland, Maryland.


Spending her remaining adolescent years in Garrett County, Lorie finished her schooling at Southern Garrett Middle and High School. Lorie had a love for the pristine area of Oakland. She would often partake in hiking, horseback riding, and even became a trail guide.


After their move to Oakland, her father worked and retired from Garrett County Community Action, a non-profit organization that provides services to improve the quality of life for Garrett County residents. Her father’s work was predicated on assisting high-risk, low-income individuals in the county. He also was a leader in the church and was well-respected as an active community volunteer. Her mother became an assistant teacher for the Oakland Head Start Program.


Lorie attributes her resourcefulness and resiliency to her mother, as well as her strength and her faith to her father.


Following Lorie’s high school graduation, she decided to return to her hometown in Baltimore to seek a career in business and worked as an administrative assistant for five years. After a short time in Baltimore, Lorie realized that her true home was Garrett County where she returned to pursue her degree in nursing and raise her three children.


Lorie has worked at Garrett Regional Medical Center for over twenty-five years in the outpatient surgical department. She has assisted with preoperative and postoperative procedures as well as provided a plethora of other services and care to patients in the county. Despite the rigorous trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lorie continued to provide care to her community. Her prerogative to advocate for her patients and promote wellness to the community has inspired her throughout her career to continue to uphold the principles that drew her to the field of healthcare.