Why I am Running for US Senate

“I am running for US Senate in the state of Maryland because the constituents that I wish to represent want someone to stand up and fight for their morals and beliefs.”

Key Issues

Key Issues

Pandemic Policies

  • NO Mandatory Vaccines!
  • No vaccine cards/passports.
  • Medical treatment choices are between a patient and their doctor.
  • Focus on treatment/therapeutic options!
  • Masks should be permitted, not mandatory.
  • Investigate source of pandemic, both Chinese and U.S. government officials.


  • While I am not an economics expert, there are several issues that are abundantly clear.
  • Inflation is in effect a stealth tax, caused primarily by the government printing money, both paper and digital currencies, and then spending that money.

Election Law

  • States should continue to run elections, not the Federal Government
  • States should be free to require reasonable identification (Voter ID)

Federal Budget

  • We must balance the Federal Government budget


  • Parents should be free to be involved in their children’s education.
  • States should be free to have school choice.
  • CRT is racist and not be taught in public